This is not feminism

in #feminism5 years ago

Feminism is about getting equality with men…….. for those who are not treated well.

  • For those city dwellers, educated lot who has this equality already use this as an excuse for cheap gains.

  • Example 1: was standing at metro line for my token. Long line as usual with everyone standing quietly. Two much educated looking ladies come n push the guys in line and say this is ladies line, we are inferior sex and its our right to have one. And rightly a lady with baby and a kid who was few steps ahead of me shouted to get them in line behind. Much embarrassed they walk off. So isnt feminism used wrongly?

  • Example 2: A conference is going on. Long day. All much educated and liberals and what not shit degreas holders in it. Tea break. So people move out. Standing in line picking up tea, some snacks n moving on. These 4–5 ladies who were gossiping earlier realised that they missed it and so jumped line to pick up tea saying they are women and its their right. The servant lady was collecting used cups n all came and told them to get in line as its common line. Imagine that lady has a sense but this educated girls misuse it.

  • Example 3: metro journey. Afternoon summer time. A senior citizen, must be 75yrs old couple using stick to walk. People in the car stood up and gave their seat, so glad to see we indias hv sense. Then a girl walks in, maybe mid 20s, walks in and finding no seat tells the elderly man to get up saying he shud offer it for her for she is a lady. The senior citizen says it isnt ladies/handicap reserved seat. But she argues. Lastly the lady sitting besides me gave her a mouthful.

  • Example 4: movie hall, metro. Interval. I’m ordering my stuff when this lady walks ahead of line holding het daughter, with her husband standing few feet away. People behind me start shouting and she says she is a lady and weaker sex and womens right n equality and what not. Hahaha. It was funny how ladies around gave her a long lecture. Movie wasn’t interesting but to see how they misuse this is.


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