Power to the Period: "Anything you can do, I can do bleeding"

in #feminism3 years ago


The other day, I came across something called Period Power on Facebook. I was intrigued, so I went to the suggested page, and found an organization that raises money to provide poverty stricken women sanitary products. Amazing! Having access to them my whole menstruating life (almost 20 years now), I realized it is something I feel I took for granted.

Next, I googled ‘power to the period’ and discovered the website that gave my article its title. Website: https://powertotheperiod.com/. As far as I can tell, this is a group of teenage girls who raise “funds that go towards tampons and pads for underprivileged girls across the globe”. How inspiring!


I also found a TedX talk given in November of 2017 by Lucy Peach. A must watch video: http://www.tedxperth.org/power-period. In it, Lucy describes the ‘Four Phases of Your Cycle’. It is quite accurate, and enjoyable! I think everyone, even men, should give it the nine minutes of viewing to better understand women. As I am about to head into my ‘Winter’ this month, it is important to remember to ‘take care of myself’.

For me personally, when I started my period at the ripe age of eleven, I used pads/sanitary napkins. The idea of using tampons grossed me out, because I have a weak stomach and never like the sight of blood. I did not try tampons until I was fourteen! Even then I used the ones with a plastic applicator to avoid touching blood--LOL. As a young adult, learning about the plethora of plastic waste on our planet, I decided to nix the applicator, and just use the cotton tampon. I am almost thirty-one, and am now transitioning to a silicone cup. I am excited to use it and also encourage less waste.

Something tells me it will be a topic to write about...