The New meaning for 'Silicone Valley': My first experience using a Menstrual Cup

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Look closely at this illustration I is not a glass of red wine. Brilliant Mariko!

I have adapted my lifestyle to a minimalist way for almost 10 years now. It took some time and ‘baby steps’ but I have become a practical consumer, and also think of the environment often.

Naturally, I would eventually take this approach in all aspects of my life, even ‘my time of the month’. Last month I decided to buy a pair of Menstrual Cups (two sizes in one box--score!). I read the information pamphlet about how to use it and all the benefits. Then I just waited for ‘Aunt Flo’ to come for a visit.

I did not want to have any horror or embarrassing story, so I thought it would be a good idea to use it for the first time during the weekend, when I did not have anything on my schedule. I woke up on Saturday morning, reviewed the ‘How to insert…’ section of the pamphlet and had success. Awesome!

It was not until two hours later that I thought about trying to take it out, that I realized it was not going to be easy. I sat on the toilet and began to feel around for the silicone cup. I found it, but it was suctioned pretty tightly! After about five minutes of attempting different maneuvers, I found myself stressed. I could not get it out! Better luck next I waited.

I began to laugh maniacally, and my flatmate asked me what was so funny. I told them that I did not want to get into the details, but gave the simplified story and said it was stuck! We brainstormed some ideas about what could possibly help, and in the end I chose to give it another try in the shower.

I got in the shower and bent down into a wide-legged squat, and ‘Voila!’, I removed the cup. It’s too bad I have a strong aversion to blood. I nearly threw-up! What a day!!!

I wanted to recover from the stress I had been through before trying the cup again. Hopefully, over time it will get easier to use. Fingers crossed