Horrible feeling***احساس فظيع

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فعلا شعور و احساس فضيع ان تدرك انه غير مرغوب فيك و ان تشعر بالوحدة .
و اعتقد انه مر على العديد من الاشخاص حيث يصبحون غرباء في عالم يعج بالفوضى و الناس .
لكن لا عليك فهذه هي الحياة . فقط تذكر بان افضل خلق الله الرسول محمد صلى الله عليه السلام.
تعرض للاذى من قومه و اقرب الناس اليه و خذلوه لكن الله سبحانه و تعالى
عوضه بالانصار ولم ينتهي الامر عند هذا فبعدما تجاوز المشركين ظهر اليهود و المنافقين
و هي مرحلة اشد من سابقتها لكن الله نصره عنهم اجمعين
و الامثلة كثيرة لذلك ادعوك لتنظر في الامرعلى انه ابتلاء من الله عز و جل
لتقويتك على مجابهة الحياة بتفلباتها و سينصرك و ينصفك ما تمسكت به باذنه .
لا تغرق في الاحزان الدنيا لا تتوقف على احد
و المحظوظ من اخذ منها رصيدا كافي من الحسنات و العمل الصالح

It is really a horrible feeling and a sense of feeling that you realize that it is undesirable to you and feel lonely.
And I think he went through so many people as they become strangers in a world full of chaos and people.
But this is not life. Just remember that God created the best prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
He suffered harm from his people and the nearest people to him and abandoned him but God Almighty
And he did not end with it. After the polytheists had gone, the Jews and the hypocrites appeared
And it is a stage stronger than its predecessor, but God is victorious over them all
There are many examples of this, so I invite you to look at Al-Imraali as an affliction from God Almighty
To support the confrontation of life with its vicissitudes, and will save you and treat you with what you have stuck to.
Do not sink into the sorrows of the world do not depend on one
And the lucky one who took from them a sufficient balance of good deeds and good deeds

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