in #feelings3 years ago


I'm bruised without a fall,
I'm scratched without claws,
I'm wounded from a sting in the absence of every insect,
Got a slap on my face for no reason,
I'm dazed without a suprise,
It makes me feel stupid and nonchalant but sincerely it has never always been my fault,
My mediocrity has been shamed forgetting I wasn't the ONE who created myself,
Nobody cares to listen,
Nobody cares to hear me out,
It has always felt like a burden I have to bear,
Which I can't even bear alone😒
I know this is the vice of the devil wanting me to hate myself😡,
Words hurt,
I'm hurt,
Nobody is sorry about how I hurt,
Nobody can comprehend how I feel right now😩.

Don't forget you can always run to JESUS😃,
HE understands everything,
HE will always make a way where there is no way😍.

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