How can I feel great?

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It is so easy to feel good, the problem is that the standard in our society says that feel bad, that is natural but feel good all the time then you got a problem!

You need to understand that any emotion you feel it is a pattern. It is a pattern how you use your body, it is a pattern how you use language, it is a pattern where you tend to focus on and believe.

Those 3 patterns make all your emotions. You are saying certain things inside or outside your head. Your belief what you think that gonna happens affects you.

People get in habits again and again and then they think they aren't doing it. They think it just happens. Something in the environment happens and they started doing. It is just a pattern you learned long ago and you being doing it for so long.

Exist 3 pillars that everything that you feel are created from it.

For example you don't get depressed you do depression. Most people think if they take anti-depressives they don't get depressed. False. Some people even try to take maximum doses of anti-depressives and still get depress because your body override all that. Depression comes from those 3 pillars, someone get depressed because they think are getting older, someone get depressed because think they gonna lose the relation, there are plenty of reasons, the thing is where ever you think your future is uncertain or you think that you don't have no future people get depressed doesn't matter how many drugs do you take.

What we feel is based in those 3 patterns:

  1. The pattern of physiology: the way we use our physical body.
    Example is someone that says that feels down and he or she literally the body or shoulders are down.
    Someone that says that feels very well and energetic his or her body her or his shoulders are up.
    You don't feel an emotion you do an emotion.
    Sometimes we react to the environment but can someone else have the same treatment and react differently? Of course and that is what we call wisdom, intelligence instead reacting like an animal.
    It's true we all gonna react at times but stay there for hours and hours, days and days, months and months or even years? We need to raise the standard! We all feel, we have feelings, sad feelings, hurt feelings, frustration feelings but we can't live there. Some of them we just should feel for short burst just enough to make something better but to live there, there are some people that do it so much over and over again that pretty soon is just that they do continually it's condition. You can control your state.

Your state is not controlled by what someone else says, someone else does or you see in your environment. We have the capacity of in one heart beat to change our state.

  1. The pattern of language: Did you ever ear a speaker, a political speaker or a religious speaker and just listening to them moved you, inspired you? Well they moved you with just words but guess who is moving you every day? With words, you are. Some words or some phrases lock us or put us in those states then we just need to be aware to our self-talking.

  2. The pattern of what you focus on or what is your belief, you believe about.

Just one example, if you believe that nothing works for you, that belief will begin to take over and you will start to feel that way. So if you give to someone that is depress a drug will it work? Yes because it changes the pattern of physiology for the moment, when you change the biochemistry of someone, that changes the way they respond, for the moment, but when that person takes that drug but they keep focusing on what they don't want, they don't have in their life, what is missing or they don't have a future, even they took the drug these pattern will over power the effect of the drug.

We need to change the belief that make us keep using that physiology. Sometimes we just change the pattern of the physiology and the belief goes away.

Hope this tips could help you to feel great most of your time!

Your friend,


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