FEDCOIN? And a New Backed Dollar?!

in #fedcoin3 years ago (edited)


Some of you may know already but for those who don't, the Federal Reserve spent alot of money on building their own cryptocurrency, and the coin that the eagle is on could represent a cryptocurrency, hence the 10x on the coin. So I'm starting to believe and see that its possible that our dollar collapse will run smoothly since they have plans. And also just having blockchain technology and cryptocurrency available.


I heard from some insiders that trump is going to create a new back dollar by gold and possibly other commodities. China is already showing signs of this since recently they stated that they are creating gold backed YEN dollars there.

And Bix Weir from roadtoroota talks alot about the comic book that the Federal Reserve put out for free which is a little kids book but Bix breaks the meaning of the book down to a more literal look and it clearly shows us that there's a plan to bring gold backed currency again and other commodities and the whole world would be positively effected. The book is called "Wishes and Rainbows the Road to Roota".