BCA: The "Bubble In Everything" Threatens $400 Trillion In Assets

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At what point does the economy lose the ability to withstand rate hikes?

With so many assets out there backed by debt, the entire global economy is vulnerable to rate hikes. Some on Wall Street are starting to chime in.

Most recently, BCA Research issued their view a couple weeks after a Stifel analyst projected two more rate hikes. This, in his view, would put the Fed above neutral.

The consensus appears to be that this all will not end well when the economy is eventually impacted.

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The hike is on right now

A crash of the economy is not needed. The banking cartel owes us two quadrillion dollars. There is more then enough money to enable us to pay our national debt off - that is, the banking cartel owes us. As there is a fortune sitting inside the Global Debt Facility, available for us to mint our new currencies free of the banking cartel.

The U.S. National Debt can be paid-off over-night by Trump with the stroke of a pen!! What are you waiting for Trump?


The Solution to Free The Planet !


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Economy as a whole always suffers from everything , they keep on getting new hikes and I am sure they will bear this spike also

I think our over-reliance on depth is eventually going to come to the melting point and it will all collapse, but I suppose sociaty would have us assume the "experts" are the helm and it will all be fine.

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