Steemit Antipolo photography-feature writing contest.

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Since our very first blog became one of the trending posts here on Steemit, we decided to give back but with a purpose. Oh yes! we are conducting our very first Steemit Antipolo contest.

For this contest, we will be featuring our very own place, Antipolo. This town is historical and there are a lot of scenic places around here. It is time for the world to know the beauty of Antipolo. So we are encouraging fellow Antipoleño Steemians out there to participate. This is open to all Antipoleño. As of now, we will be limiting the participants to Antipoleños because who would know best how to feature a particular place but the local people of course. But as soon we get plenty of stuff ( haha SBD) in our wallet we will widen the scope of participants. So watched out for that. It will happen soon. Just stay tuned for this account.


  1. Upvote and resteem this post. So many Antipoleños will be informed and soon will join.
  2. Make an article featuring any particular place in Antipolo that will showcase its beauty and will attract tourists to come. Preferably
    500 words or less. We will not be strict on word counting but don't make it so long nor too short. Share your stories upon going to your desired location. Tell us. Express how appealing is Antipolo thru your article and photos
  3. Back- up the article with your own ORIGINAL photos of the desired place. At a maximum of 5 photos per entry.
  4. Copy the link of your entry and paste it in the reply section of this post. So it will be much easier for us to find it.
  5. Dont forget your tags. Include: featuring-antipolo as first tag, steemitantipolo, philippines and steemph . About the last one, it is up to you as long as its about your entry!.


  1. Your featured article should be original.
  2. It doesn't matter if the photo is old as long as it's showcase the beauty of Antipolo.
  3. Photos should be original and should be taken by you or a companion.
  4. Maximum of two person in a photo. The place should be featured and not the people in the photo.
  5. Upon joining you are giving us the rights to feature your article at Steemit Antipolo account. Isn't that amazing. So make sure you
    can be seen in the photos of your entry ( for exposure haha)


  1. Champion: We will be picking up one major winner of 5sbd.
  2. Four runners up awards of 3sbd each.

All entry links which were posted at the reply section of this blog after seven days since this is posted are the only ones counted.

Prizes will be given after this posts payout and right after the announcement of winners

So post now. Let's celebrate life!!! Get out and explore Antipolo. Lets show the world how beautiful our town is.

Antipolo: a sneak peak

Antipolo City is the capital of Rizal province. It is the 7th most populated city in the entire country. It can be found 26kilometers east of Manila, the country's capital. It sits in the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre making it the 2nd highest city with regards from sea level. It has very fair weather. Not too hot nor too cold.


The city is known as a Pilgrimage site and best well known by the Marian image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Majority of the populations are Christians mostly Catholics. People from nearby municipalities and cities climb up mountain of Antipolo especially on Holy week and its feast month of May as sign of sacrifice accompanied by prayers in honor of the said patron.


Aside from the religion, Antipolo is also famous by its food mainly Suman, Mangga (mango) and Kasoy (cashews). Combining the first two letter of this delicacies produces SUMAKA which is the name of the annual festival of the city. SUMAKA FESTIVAL is a celeration of good harvest as sign of giving thanks to the patron Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. This festival is as festive as it can be where different organizations and schools vie for the best performers of the year. The streets are filled with dancers while honoring the patron. Tourist came along to see this festival. The festival last for a month with lots of different activities like contests, pageants and more.

Besides the church Antipolo is also known for some places like Hinulugang Taktak Falls, Mystical Cave, Cloud9, Pnto Art Museum to name some. While the city is fast developing, where what used to be are forest and fields are now malls and subdivisions, Antipolo showcase harmony between cityhood and nature. Go to the town and you feel the citylife but go a few kilometers and you will experience provincial life at its finest.


Hinulugang Taktak Falls is one of the famous landscape of the city. It is very historical. It can be found at the heart of Antipolo. This is where most of Antipolenos wash their clothes and take a bath during the good old days.


Mystical Cave on the other hand is cave located at the boundary of Antipolo and nearby town of Teresa. It is a pilrgimage site. Some people believed that upon drinking the water from the creek there you will get healed from your sickness. It has stalactites and stalagmites formations. You can also enter the cave and climb the Grotto where you can see a perfect view of Antipolo and nearby places.


Cloud 9 is a viewpoint where you ca have a 360 degress view of Manila, nearby municipalites and provinces. You can even see the Laguna Lake and Manila Bay from there. Try walking on the Hangings Bridge and challenge your might :)


Pinto Art Museum is not the usual museum you know. It seem like you are being transported to another place like Greece bacause of its theme. It also showcases contemporary paintings and sculptures of local artists.


Antipolo is also famous for its resorts, on a high recommendation visit Luljetta's Hanging Gardens.It is the only hanging garden and spa in the country. You will definitely love their infinity pool :) :) :)


Fellow Steemians we invite you to visit our town and have a wonderful experience of both cityhood and province life. These are just a few of the place to visit here. With this contest let's see how the participants will expose more the beauty of this attractions with their photos and stories.
Goodluck to all the participants :) :) :)


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my entry for Steemit Antipolo photography-feature writing contest

thank you for joining the contest. Dont forget to upvote and resteem so many Antipolenos will know :)

thank you for joining Steemit Antipolo's first contest

Thank you for joining. We still upcoming contest. Hope you will still participate

Thank you for joining the contest. Watch out for upcoming more

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Indeed every city is unique. Well, it is my first time to see the tourism and heritage of your city, for I only know that Antipolo is part of province of Rizal (just that haha).

And, congratulations in advance to the winners :D

come to Antipolo @josephace135 would love it

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Buen post! hermosas fotos. Gracias por compartir.

gracias. denada @playnet

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Nice, I think this is the first Steemit chapter in Rizal! Way to go, guys! I'm from Tanay, btw. :)

glad to hear someone from Rizal too. Steem on :)

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Good luck in your project! Show the world the beauty of Antipolo!

thank you so much @plokmi for always encrouraging us

Very beautiful city! Would like to visit there one day.

please come. Let us be your host @rosatravels..

Ganda pala ng mga tanawin sa antipolo at tsaka daming pasyalan. Good luck sa contest. Upvoted and Re-steemed para daming makakita nito.

oo kabayan. Iilan pa lang iyan. Kay daming pasyalan dito na hindi pa nahahayag ng husto sa madla.

mabuti naman, baka kung magkapera ako .. tiyak na , isa sa pupuntahan ko ang antipolo. =)

Maraming Salamat po. Ililibre po kayo ng SteemitAntipolo ng Suman ng Antipolo kapag napunta po kayo rito :)

hehehe.. mabuti naman. =)

maraming salamat po muli

No problem. Opportunity ito para sa akin.

something to look forward

Resteem and upvote

thank you so much for the support @mdesantiago

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Very nice post about your city @steemitantipolo well done.

thank you so much @sunray

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