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Mountains, boulders, bird
and a shadow oh my!


#mountainmonday #bouldersunday
#featheredfriends #shadowphoto


Eagle sitting on the tsunami warning
siren, hope it don't go off!

These shots were taken a couple
years ago with the smartphone
on the Homer spit Alaska.


No snow right now this year.


Moon coming up over the sign
heading into town.

The road ends in Homer.
That's it, turn around!



#featheredfriends by @melinda010100

Feathered Friends
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Everyone's #featheredfriends
postings in order.
Link scrolls back many feathers ago.


Thank you @otage for the cool street name!


Photos & words by @shasta Nov 28th 2019 11:11 PM O'rock Alaska


That's a real beauty of a majestic eagle!

Thank you @njord! :-) Was surprised he
sat there so long for a few photos! lol

Beautiful scenery there, Shasta, with the mountains in the background. Fab shots of the eagle and the shadow.

Thank you so much ❤ @redheadpei! :-)
Didn't know which category for this one lol

Eagle on pole is a beaut... :-)

Thank you very much @manorvillemike! :-)
That time of year again when there is a eagle
on every tall thing!

Lucky you and your camera :-)

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Wow thank you so much @art-venture! :-)

You've got it all! Fabulous eagle shots. Shadows/boulders/birds/mountains. What more could anyone want! Thanks for posting this to #featheredfriends and to the new Feathered Friends Community!

A heated pool? lol
Thank you so much ❤ @melinda010100! :-)
Took awhile to figure out what category for it, so it
was ''all of the above'' lol

Yeah... A heated pool. Put me on that list!

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Thank you very much @melinda010100! @tipu! :-)

Maybe even more than four, could be a few
of those beach day ones too! :-)

Mother nature is full of beautiful mountains, boulders, trees and feathered friends. Enough to keep us snapping forever. Lovely photos @shasta.

Brilliant capture

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Thank you @shuvo35! :-)

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