Cloudy #FeatheredFriends

in #featheredfriends5 months ago

Well hello there, creatures off the Internet!

Welcome to my little blog!

First I saw a woodpecker up in the trees. It flew around all the time and rarely sat still.


Then I saw a couple of ducks hiding under the bushes on the opposite beach...


... before I found the Duck Center under a tree away by the bridge.


Thank you, dear creatures of the internet, for visiting my little blog for this #FeatheredFriends 😘 and have a nice weekend!


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It's my pleasure!

W wonderful collection of bird photos! Thanks for posting to #featheredfriends !Tip

Thank you 😊

Lovely shots! Woodpeckers are difficult to photograph as they keep moving.

Thank you 😊 they are really intense!