Let me introduce you to birds called Little Corellas

Two magnificent white correllas are visiting my garden at the moment to eat the wild bird seed and sunflower seeds in the bird feeders. It is easy to know when they arrive because they are noisy like the cockatoos. Big groups of white corellas fly over the neighbourhood every morning and afternoon.

Here are the two sitting in the feeder after chasing the doves away. They are big and bossy and take up the whole feeder!



Little Corellas are big white birds native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is a little odd to call them little when they are 30 to 41 inches in height. 

According to wikipedia the corellas are related to the cockatoos and the galahs. They all have similar looks and all are highly social, noisy party characteristics. Little Corellas live in coastal areas along the south east of Australia. Long billed corellas live in Western Australia and look a little different to the Little Corellas.

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Here is a pic of the pretty pink and grey galah:

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And one of the cockatoo. Have you noticed the head feathers - it seems to be a strong family trait.

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Although with the Little Corellas only the male has the plume up in my photo, this was not evident with the female when visiting my yard. There are always two that drop in for a short time to feed while the the group fly over. I read that they mate for life.

Here are some more pics that I managed to get during their morning visits. They don't seem to be easily scared like the doves.





Happy Saturday

Cheers and Blessings



If only we could talk, the birds and I - what a great conversation we could have!

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I have to finish my post with a photo of my surf beach, there is nothing more beautiful and more refreshing. It is a view that brings inspiration to many. It is my muse.

Stay well and safe everyone.



Howdy angiemitchell! What magnificent birds. And they visit almost every day? They're so big they almost don't fit in the feeder. lol.

Hi janton, hahaha, it is so funny to watch them squeeze in together to eat the seed. We put more seed out for the doves and lorikeets when the corellas fly away. Got to have some entertainment these days, it is very quiet in self-isolation!

Yes, you guys have your own source of entertainment right in the yard but what about the beach, is the beach closed?

Morning janton, it is said it is closed but people are still walking, surfing, swimming and fishing. It is against the rule to sit on the sand - people are given fines if they do. Actually there are more people on the beach than ever before. Maybe this is due to them working from home or maybe they have lost their jobs, not sure.

Howdy today angiemitchell! Sorry for the late reply. Mrs. J. took an axe to my steemit/hive time so I'm only on here a couple of hours a day now.

Well, that is very interesting about the beach. Obviously more people have time to go there so they are doing it regardless of any rules!

Blogging and commenting is a huge time waster, so I understand where Mrs J is coming from. But, ..... the upside is that I I really enjoying the communicating

Howdy angiemitchell! I agree so I'll try and stay in touch with people as often as I can.