This is for #featheredfriday Blue Jay

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This is for #featheredfriday

I thought this was a flycatcher. But comrades in arms helped me out to identify the bird correctly. It's a Blue Jay. Thank you!

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Its a blue jay.

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Thanks for a hint! Blue jay it is!

I agree with @sketch.and.jam! It is a blue Jay. Thanks for sharing it to #featheredfriday

Thank you! You are right!

They are very common in my backyard and they are unmistakable!


Definitely not one I recognise (SA). Looks as though he was enjoying the ride!

Thanks! I looked through this site Usually, I find the match here. But this time it was tough because the bird sat high on top of the power cable and I had to use zoom to its max. So the resulting footage wasn't in high resolution.