These are pretty amazing and perfect bird art for #featheredfriday! What an incredible artist he is.

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Sorry about the double post, Pix!

These photos of cardinals are beautiful

Thanks, luv! I was happy these guys didn't mind posing for pictures!

You took very good pictures of them, today I also took some pictures of some birds

Use the #featheredfriday tag when you post them!

Great photos! I agree about all the late-season babies. It seems to be a strange year. My post also has a baby:


That is a great family portrait! The natural rhythms do seem out of sync, don't they?

Something about the weather changing perhaps? I know we have both commented on this before, it's a strange year that way.

I wonder. Time will tell, I suppose.

Great captures, Melinda.The cardinal is a beautiful bird. Even the babies are pretty.
My link:

Thanks! I never can remember which gulls are which. Thanks for IDing this pair! Great shot!

Thank you! And thanks for adding your delightful bird photos to #featheredfriday!

Love your bird shots.. they are so different to mine. I had a fam of shy galahs land on my doorstep today but when I reached for the zoom they flew away!

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Thanks! I do love seeing the birds that live in other parts of the world!

Great shots. Over here on the other side of the rockies, I have never seen a cardinal in real life. I envy you:)

Thanks! Come visit anytime an I will guarantee that I can show you one, or 6!

I totally agree! There have been some late babies here too. Lovely photos Melinda and I love how the daddy cardinal is close by. Most of the cardinals here are fast and don't stay long on the feeder except the two young ones (male and female) that have been coming to the feeder regularly and don't even mind when I open the window to snap way too many photos. They do bring me a bit of happiness to see them out there. 🐦 😊

I hope the winter is easy on them all!

again, I am here... and I lost the count -- is it my 4 or 5 th f-f post :P

I love seeing your #featheredfriday posts!Your photos are great!

this one was very simple :)
thank you for the kind words.
for the amateur photographer like me... its like a water for a desert traveler ))

Oh my goodness! How adorable!!! Well, you can be sure Cardinal is not going to leave you. They are staying over the winter. Awesome shots Melinda 😍

I hope the winter is gentle on these little guys!

Yeah, me too! But they must be pretty resilient if they are staying.

Yeah, me too! But they
Must be pretty resilient
If they are staying.

                 - lenasveganliving

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oh yes, they do fine here during the winter. It's just that I have not ever seen new babies this late in the season. I hope they have time to grow up before winter comes!

I am sure they will. Especially when you feed them so well 😍

Ha! They do love the sunflower seeds I put out for them!

Good to know, I try that at my daughter's house too 😊

All the seed eaters love the little black sunflower seeds! So do the squirrels, though!

so cool @melinda010100, great shots. soooo cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I didn't have to go looking far to get my pictures

I loved seeing a post from you! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous birds with us! 🐦😘

heheehheh Im delighted to share it

Super good photos Melinda, love those!

Thanks... Not the best light, but with all these rainy days I take what I can get!

I heard that, is it rainy today? Oh, is the big game tomorrow? Do you know what time? I won't be able to watch it because of the stupid dispute between Fox and Dish.

Yes... More rain. I am growing tired of hearing flood warnings!

It is a 3 ish game tomorrow
If you really want to watch has a 7 day free trial period, so you can sign up to watch and then cancel.

Howdy Melinda and thanks for that link but I'll just work all day since the Missus has to work. I forget, do they have a tied record?
And I'm sorry to hear about the forecast. You need to be able to enjoy a nice Fall before it starts snowing again!

A nice Fall would be wonderful! It sure is off to a wet start.

Go Pack!

lol. I can't even root for the Cowboys because I know you guys are such fans of the Pack so I'm going to be neutral in this game!

How sweet !

I love cardinals.

They do brighten up the yard!

They are very distinguishable with the colour of their feathers @melinda010100 what wonderful captures of the family.

Perhaps the breeding season was good and they managed to breed twice in one season.