" Fiesta de la Confluencia" had its had its first night

The great party of all the neuquinos raised its curtain last night, with the promise of being again another success when tomorrow the farewell is sealed with one of the artists of the moment.

The first chapter of the sixth edition of the Fiesta de la Confluencia started shortly after the 21st with the performance of Blues de Garage, one of the winners of the Pre-Confluencia.

With the first sounds of music, great, young and young began to walk the path that led to the field in front of the imposing stage. In this sector, since two hours before, the "advanced" had been installed with their chairs and equipment mate waiting for the central figure of Saturday, the group Estelares, almost on the edge of midnight.

We are from Acorde, Memphis Rock, La Moto -one of the most celebrated and awaited groups by the public- and 3rd Track completed the grid of the first day.

A cold night

The 17 degrees that marked the thermometer around eleven o'clock at night invited to feed and drink something to fight the cool neuquen night, next to the river Limay.

The gastronomic and craft beer stands were the preferred choices for those who approached the property, others preferred something more spirited and they used a glass of fernet with soda early.

In total, there are more than 300 gastronomic stands, artisans, producers and entrepreneurs.

Several families composed the profile of the first day of the Feast of Confluence. That is why from Civil Defense, as happened in previous years, each child was placed a bracelet with data from their parents just in case they were lost in the crowd that waited for Estelares.

At the start of the party, the mayor Horacio Quiroga, who toured the property with his cabinet, said: "We are enjoying a spectacular moment, everything is working very well." And he added, in statements to LU5, that "this requires imagination and enthusiasm, and we must put hands to work".

The Fiesta de la Confluencia kicked off and prepared another great night for today, with the presentation of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, La Esfabe Dub and Eskulapio, among other great local artists.

Court of streets

There are four blocks: in the corners of La Pampa and Senguer, Olascoaga and Purmamarca-Aconcagua, Corrientes and Purmamarca and Río Negro and Purmamarca. From these points towards the river you can only access by walking.

Free transport

There is a bus service free of charge, from 4:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., which connects Central Park with Island 132 and vice versa. The units depart with frequencies every half hour from the center of the city.

Fans of La Moto, friends with tereré and a couple from Comodoro Rivadavia

In the property there were last-minute runs to leave everything ready for the first night of the Fiesta de la Confluencia, and already the first advanced were installed close to the stage.

A group of young people between 16 and 19 years, set up a blanket almost in the middle of the extensive grounds and began to hum a few songs from Estelares. They had come to take tererés by the Paseo de la Costa and decided to make the long prior to the main artist of the night.

Alejandra, along with her daughter, and other relatives already occupied a place close to 20 waiting for the La Neuquén band.

"We've been drinking mates, going around the stands and waiting for La Moto, which are very good," Alejandra said.

Very close to it, Carolina and Luis, a couple of Comodoro Rivadavia, and throbbed after the big opening night party of all neuquinos.

"Three years ago we came to live in Neuquén but we had never come. As soon as we heard that Estelares was acting, we decided to come. We are very expectant, "they told LMN.

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