Free Coin of the Day 2/13/18: Vendio VendiCoins Free Coin, How To Enter

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Today's "free coin" is Vendio (VENDI). You can earn 1 free coin (worth over $1USD) just by signing up, which took me under two minutes, and earn additional coins by referring others onto the new platform.

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Vendio describes themselves as "the world's first crypto advertising platform." They have a lively website design and solid information about their platform, team and roadmap. Explained on the website, "Vendio's Video Interactive Platform (VIP) bridges the communication gap between publisher content, viewer interest and the advertiser by seamlessly connecting relevant ads to the publisher’s media being consumed by the viewer."

Get started now by clicking on my referral link here, or keep reading below:

The Coin

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If you've been following my Free Coin of the Day series, you know that I care about the actual utility of the coin. I want a good answer to the question "does this company/project actually need a coin" in order to spend my time or money investing in it.

Vendio plans on using their coin, VENDI, for all transactions within their VIP platform. All payments and transactions will require the use of the coin. So although it's forced adoption, the coin will have actual uses on the platform. Its success will also depend 100% on the success of the platform, unlike other cryptocurrencies that can be used on many different platforms.


Screenshot (164).png

The market potential of advertising solutions built on the blockchain is undeniably huge. The big question is what platforms will be left standing. Vendio looks to have a small but confident team that knows how to brand a product and utilize social media to create buzz. What I have absolutely no clue about is the teams ability to capture the market they are targeting, which will require many strategic partnerships and corporate sales.

I certainly think this team and platform has a shot, which is enough for me to get involved on a small level and sign up for their platform to receive a coin or two. I'd love your thoughts in the comment section below.

Bounty Requirements

This is a very simple sign-up process to receive your free coin. Create a username, password, and basic information along with your ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet (I use MyEtherWallet). You do need an ERC20 compatible wallet to receive your coins.

Only provide your public key, which should start with a 0 (never give out your private key).

See the video below for a walkthrough.



If this guide has been helpful at all, please consider using my referral link here: The link will take you to the official website where you can earn your free coin (or more if you plan on referring others).

Bounty Information:

What Is Free Coin of the Day?

Free Coin of the Day (FCOTD) is a new effort I'm launching to help other amateur cryptocurrency enthusiasts like myself get involved in cryptos without having to spend thousands of dollars. Each day we'll pick one coin to cover, and I'll give you specifics on how to earn that coin for free. Please upvote this post and follow me if you're interested in joining this new effort.

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I signed up using your referral link. Thanks for writing the article!

Thank you!! I hope you follow along. There are some good bounties I'll be covering over the next week.

I really like this post michaelluchies!

great article! upvoted & resteemed!

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