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Welcome to the fbm community, where every minnow is guided to success.

Firstly let me congratulate you for joining this great community, I can tell you this is the best decision you've made this year.

It's needless to say how tough and discouraging it is to survive in this community as a minnow(beginner).

The fbm community is here to properly guide you on how you can make your steemit journey a memorable one.

It's possible to spend quality time researching and coming up subsequently with a post that earns you nothing oops, does it mean your content was not quality? No. It simply means your content did not get views because you are a minnow and at this level you probably have less than 20 followers.

In this post I'll show you secrets to starting strong.

As a minnow, your voting power even at 100% is not enough to earn you any reasonable reward so how then do you get started really quick?

3 Things To Get You Started With Quick Feet.

1. YOUR PROFILE: You may think it doesn't matter but yes it does. Your profile is the first thing a person sees when visiting your blog. It speaks loudly of your personality even when you are not there. So make your profile reflect you, use a clear image and a proper description of you.

2. QUALITY POSTS: Yes write quality posts, spend time researching and developing your content, this community only appreciates quality contents. NEVER plagiarize(copy and paste), it's as serious an offense as stealing. Look for an area of life you are good at and create content on it.

you may ask how will I earn from my content being that I don't get views on my content? The next point will answer this.

3. COMMENTING: I saved the best for the last. As a minnow your most activity should be finding whales' post early and making valuable comments on them.
Take note of the word 'valuable', don't drop spam comments like: wow, nice post, good job etc. Read carefully the post and make useful comments that will be informative to both the author and the readers and you are on your way to getting some $$$ rewards.

try within and without your power to be among the first 10 persons to drop comments, don't go to a post that hours old and comment you'd likely not be noticed.

Remember when I said make quality posts? Depending on the quality of your comments a whale can decide to visit your blog and you wouldn't want to disappoint them.


Watch out for the next post on 'Getting Post Notifications'

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Fbm community, building Steempreneurs


Hi fellas, new here and found this useful. But i need a tutor to guide me through thick and thin

Fbm community, building Steempreneurs

Join and build with the fbm family.

Fantastic steem fish

Well said. We are steempreneurs.

sea captains taiming the ocean. 💪

Am proud to be a member of this fast growing community.

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