The best exchange for lesser-known TRC10 tokens just added faucets

in faucets •  26 days ago

You can now claim TRX, DGB, ETN, and BTT plus CRYT (simutaneously) every four hours. More coins/tokens will be added later.

CryTrEx is where it's at:

I tested them yesterday and all four attempts were succesful. Transfers took a bit of time to complete but I eventually received everything I claimed under the FREE Coins tab.

-for 0.1 Tron (TRX), I used my CryTrEx address

-I also used my CryTrEx address to get 0.1 DigiByte (DGB)

-but for 1 Electroneum (ETN), I put in my mobile miner address (if you ain't mobile mining yet, you can use my code - BC742C - when installing the Electroneum app, and you'll receive a 1% bonus on everything you mine)

-same thing for 1 BitTorrent (BTT) + 1 CryTrExCoin (CRYT), I used a personal address (since there are different addresses for these two in my CryTrEx account) for which I possess the private key

I'm curious about what the next CryTrEx faucet(s) will be...

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