A way to faucet?

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Last day i was thinking are faucets something you should invest your time?
I've been doing it for one year and now I don't know that to think about it, I started doing it for getting my first Satoshi's and thanks to that I experiment for the first time the trade adrenaline and also make me read a lot about Bitcoins and altcoins, this can be a very good experience or the worst if you are not getting information from good sources.

Its fine when you have free time for it, cryptos are a snowball.

Im trying this method:

3 times per day I claim the moon family faucets and one time per week in coinpot I convert them all for 15k satoshis, then I send this to Frebitcoin and hold with them for the for the %4.08 they gave.


Hear the links to the faucets I'm using:

Bonus Bitcoin

Moon Family.


Hope you like the post, I will love to know what do you think about it.