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As many others, the whole idea of passive income is always interesting.
You can either blog, where Steemit is a great resource.
You can also sell stuff, either through a company, create your own, or just your own unused stuff.
T-Shirts can be designed and sold, if you have desingers eyes
Or you can sell your photographs, if you are good at that, or want to take a chance.

You can also try faucets and other "look at ads" programs to make some money.

And they do work. Some of them. Some are pure spoofs to get you to click more and more ads.
Some are pure scams.
Below are the ones that I have found work the best, and the smoothest.
And its not a SCAM, it actually works, I have claimed enough for a withdrawal, and it worked fine.
And if you have a Coinbase wallet, its free.
However, I have never tried to deposit to Coinpot, and I have read some blogs about that not working so well.
So use it only for faucet claiming and then withdraw (convert to one coin for faster withdrawal).

You will need to create a microwallet first, at coinpot.

Then, just sign up at the below coins, with the coinpot username (your email)
And you can claim every 5 minutes if you want.
However, my suggestion is that you claim 1-2 times a day.
Reason being, there is a loyalty bonues, which will increase with 1% every 24 hours, if you claim at least once within that timespan.
Then there is the mystery bonus, which is between 1% and 99%. Mostly its in the lowers, but I have seen a few up in the 60-70%.
So, with good math, if you get one of those, with a high amonut to claim, you get more bang for the buck.
Then, there is the referral bonus as well.

Below are the links, for the faucets, so go ahead and sign up and start using them for a small side gig.
Spend 5-10 minutes a day, and you can make a few bucks extra a week.


There is also a Litecoin mining website, which gives you the ability to mine straigth in the browser.
Right now, it pays out 0.0000025 LTC/min, which gives about 0.0035LTC a day, not bad.

Here is the code for that one

And finally, we have a Bitcoin "click some ads and wait" that is pretty ok as well
Just register, click some adds, let the webpage show (while you do other things) for the amount of time, and then claim.


BTCClicks.com Banner

So, get on it, register, and start making some money, and if you have a good network, your can get them to help you as well, just like you help me if you sign up using the links.

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The coinpot sights are rock solid indeed. The ltcminer i believe is an absolute no go and if you can get a payout yer super lucky. A solid place to look for working faucets would be faucethub. http://faucethub.io/r/5238189 Good luck. Look forward to your future posts.

Thanks jazzresin.
I had troubles registering the faucets with faucethub. "Not valid faucethub wallets", so gave up on those.