My Faucet and Airdrop Platfrom

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Get the crypto drips

beside being a lazy bounty hunters I am also become one of those faucets lover out there. A faucets in crypto are refers to a site which give away small amount of crypto currencies.
here are several crypto faucet that I use.

  • Coinpot
    Coinpot is a universal micro wallet, which can hold your small amount of crypto before withdrawing it into the exchange. the faucet is in another site, but you need coinpot account to collect the coin.

  • Coindy
    In this faucet you will get a small amount of cody token which is now beig traded in coinex exchange. You will get Cody daily for eggaging into the site, or you can get 500 Cody for every succesful refferal. Sound nice isn't it?
    sign up here through my link please if you interested to try it. you only need to verify your phone number.
    My cody balance

  • Crex24
    This is an exchange which has a faucet feature in the exchange. They are giving away several coin which is listed in that exchange, so you can collect and later traded it within the exchange.

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