A toast to strong men and gentle fathers, and to single moms who stand as daddies to their kids!

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To the daddy who now sports a dad bod, you're way cooler than the six-packed guy who left his child. Don't tuck it in. Pat your belly and stand proud! 😉 I know you struggled in life and fought your way through to be the man that you are now – a good man and a loving father.

To the single moms out there who plays the role of dads, you're awesome. This day is for you too!

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I keep recycling this photo
because this is the coolest picture we have together

"To my Papa, the man who allowed me to walk my own path, thank you! You allowed me to make my own mistakes and when I did, you stood by me and didn't judge me for it. Instead, you urged me to stand up and move forward. I know you're proud of the achievements I've accomplished but I'm not done yet, I'll continue to make you proud. I may not be there yet but I'm fighting for the life I've envisioned for myself and for our family because you taught me to keep fighting for the people I care about. You didn't teach me in words, you taught me through action. You've shown us a soldier's bravery, a man's strength and a father's kindness. I am very proud of the man that you were and for everything that you are now! You are the most selfless person I know. You probably got it from your Papa and I couldn't be even more proud of the family I belong to. Thank you for the unconditional love! You deserve so much more in life."

Things I learned from a brave soldier, a strong man and a kind father:

1.) Stand on your own

Being independent takes practice. Ask help when you need it, not when you want it. If you keep asking help every time you want an easy way out, you'll depend on other people to get things done. Believe in your ability to make decisions and believe that you can make it using your own two feet!

My father worked his way through a tough life and proved himself worthy of the kind of respect he holds now. He is a retired soldier enjoying the company of his grandchildren and gratefully reminiscing the memories he had as a soldier! He dared to live a life with less regrets.

2.) Carve your path and walk your own road

Listen and learn from others but decide on your own. If it goes wrong, learn from it and do better. You can always adjust along the way as you make your choices but do not let others dictate your life.

Be the one to decide what you want your life to be. Things might not go as planned and the road might be bumpy, muddy and rough but you'll find your way through as you move forward a step at a time. Even when the journey is difficult and slow, take the next step and believe that you'll get there! Dare to live a life that suits you!

Even as a kid, my father let me explore life to learn and discover things that only experience can teach me. He allowed me to take my own risks but still made sure to remind me to be careful in making my decisions and in doing things that might hurt me. Even now, he stands behind me as I decide the course of my life and when I fall I know there's always someone who believes I can make it. That's a powerful source of confidence that helps me get up on my feet and press on.

3.) Be strong for yourself and stay strong for the people you care about

Fight for the good life you want and continue fighting for a better life for your family. Make yourself strong enough to be able to be there for others because you can't support them if you can't stand for yourself. Be sturdy enough so others can lean on you. Life's not going to be a smooth ride all the way, you'll have to learn to conquer the obstacles that go your way. So keep in mind your beautiful reasons in life that keeps you going. The fight is going to be tough but it's all worth every ounce of blood and sweat in the end.

While on a mission, he was shot during an encounter in the mountains. They were so deep in the mountains that he had to be transported on a makeshift stretcher across how many kilometers of marching. His comrades served as a 'walking ambulance' as they went through a lot of mountains to get help. It surprised his comrades how he managed to survive that because he lost a lot of blood along the way and was on verge of fading but he held on and continued to fight. He did it for his life and for us.

4.) Be strong enough to forgive

Fighting for your loved ones takes strength but so does forgiving. It takes strength to forgive despite the mistakes they've done and the pain that comes with it. It takes strength to accept them for who they are, even if it means looking at them at a different angle.

I have had my share of mischief and so did my siblings. 😉 My father never made us feel less of a person for the bad choices we made. He reprimanded us but did not degrade us. That helped us to grow and make better choices. Even as we fumble now in adult life, he doesn't judge or belittle our decisions. He only urges us to do better.

5.) The face of unconditional love

Love without condition because love is not selfish. Love just because. 😌 It's the kind of love that does not require much words but carries really deep and intense feelings behind each action.

I saw the face of unconditional love through my father's actions. This is probably the most important thing I learned from him because through this I keep choosing to be a good person. Sometimes, with life being rough and tough, it feels easier to care less but being loved and accepted without condition helps you to choose to be better; to be better than your anger, to be better than other people's hatred and to be better than life's painful circumstances. He didn't teach us how to love. He showed us.

A daughter

A father's strength is unfathomable.
Cheers to all the fathers out there and the single moms who play the role of dads!
Happy Father's day!


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That's totally awesome... that recycled photo of you is really nice. A duagther and father bonding with guns.

Lol. I recycle it every year in every occasion. Doesn't get old though. I've probably used it for almost a decade.