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Some things about fat...

Once upon a time before the world went digital, music was on We'd fall in love with a song, then it would be repeated from our parents or college roommates would yell "change the record!" Sometimes the grooves on the record would get dirty or scratched, causing the same to be repetitive to the same note over and over and over again. "Change the record" is a phrase that means you can change the way you think, talk or just switch up the conversation.

It's time to think about fat I'm happy to live in a world where the conversation and perception is changing. We have to be better Fat is not an adjective Every body has fat, some more, some less As my friend Beth says, be glad you have fat, or you'll be dead!

Recent conversations about fat...

This is two average size women. Because the average sized people are assume that fat people get it. Fat women usually know they are the enemy, they know their own wrongness and understanding that rightness requires not fat. To be valuable, fat people should conform to the desire to achieve the ridiculous beauty standards and join the conversations where we are not able to be unachievable standard, but we can get super skinny because that's the bestest way to be So it's okay to talk to fat women about not being fat women Jaysus

  • W1: Everything I eat makes me sick. But now my mother is mad at me because she's put some of her weight on. She always tells me when I look fat. Look look my tummy? It looks fat.

  • Me: Maybe you could just be cool with those who are you?

  • W2: Yeah my jeans are tight blah blah blah

You know this conversation, right? It's just about blathered on about body image and how bad fat is. Ignoring my advice to do it Talking with ME, a fat person

You know what? I do not care. Not anymore. I will not have people with that mentality in my life in any sort of meaningful way. Hate fat people? Move on.

Conversation about tummy tucks and skin removal after weight loss, with a tiny, skinny co-worker who really hates fat people special me:

  • Her: I know what they go through I watch "My 600 pound life."

  • Me: I want to say well, I really know what they go through because I had a tuck tuck years ago, but she turned her from behind and walked away from me like that, before I respond, because fat people and their opinions do not matter to her.

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