ToBe Or NotToBe

in #fate3 years ago

What is fate? Here is a definition drawn from google "It is the development of events outside a person's control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power".

Can we determine fate? Do you believe in fate? if not, do you think you don't believe because you like to have control over your situations? I have found myself in search of wisdom and understanding of fate. I would say i believe in fate but not as much as i like to be in control and this has been a sort of flaw for me.

Here is what i know and believe, what would never be will never be and what will be will always somehow be (Its weird, I say this from the few experiences i have had in my young life). If you find it hard to understand this consider this - your in a relationship of many years and you so much want it to work and hopefully end up a beautiful love story(marriage, kids and all that), you try all you can to make it work (no one's perfect).

In the eyes of the world all looks beautiful, your like the perfect match for each other but deep down inside you have had this nagging feeling/thoughts that wouldn't go away you have tried so hard to kill it but it won't die and then you decided to just be optimistic about the whole thing, after all efforts the fear of the end that you dreaded in those nagging thoughts becomes the reality you wake up to.

Would you call this fate? Do share your thoughts