Should I skip breakfast in order to lose fat?

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What a terribly misunderstood word. Breakfast means "Break Fast." It has no correlation with when to eat.

Of course around the 1950's "Break Fast" turned to "Breakfast" and people in the West assumed it was natural to eat in the morning. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn't have the luxury of eating breakfast in the morning consistently. Their metabolisms formed from spurts of feast & famine. That is why we can go weeks and survive without eating.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is the body’s way to combat this.

Cortisol, HGH are at their peaks in the mornings. Both of these powerful hormones burn fat.

Insulin is at its lowest for the day in the morning, insulin is anabolic and makes everything grow from skin to muscles and... Fat!

So keep in mind, your fat burning hormones are at their peak in the morning when you don't eat, and your anabolic hormone is at its lowest. If you eat, it reverses, and your fat burning hormones are blunted, and your insulin is raised; This leads to gaining fat, not burning it.

The studies shown on delaying breakfast vs. morning breakfast eaters is quite ludicrous.

It’s getting to the point where if a doctor says it, I do the opposite. All of the studies done were with people who had breakfast and people who “delayed” breakfast. The people who “delayed” breakfast were not delaying breakfast intentionally. They would be people who were too busy or flat out didn’t have time to do it.

You see these people THOUGHT having breakfast was good for them but decided it wasn't important enough. They say people who did not eat in the morning are more likely to be alcoholics and have other bad habits.

Now, let's dive into this.

People who don't do what they're supposed to do because they don't feel like it, usually lead unhealthy and unhappy lives.

Fasting is an art; you must PREPARE yourself to fast! Knowing the benefits of fasting going in is what will help you when times get hard.

These tests were performed on, for lack of a better word, losers. People who were delaying breakfast by accident; Nowhere on these studies does it say if they drank and enough water in the morning (absolutely critical for fasting).

Did they take omega 3’s in the morning (no)?

Did they get regular exercises (no)?

If I didn’t do the three steps I just mentioned, even I would fail; You show me a test with someone like myself, who does it right.

My blood work has improved so much; my Dr. recommended fasting to some of his close friends.

I always thought I should become a doctor; They'd call me Dr. Dan.

Instead of speaking of my experience and my results...

I’ll speak from a piece of paper saying: "I know what I'm talking about." - Sadly, this is most people.

Most people approach life from the facts they see on paper but not in real life. A person can be holding up a fish, have a ship full of them, literally fish jumping onto the boat.

And there can be a captain with clean clothes; no ship, no fish, but you pick the "captain" to take you fishing.

"But he's a captain he must know the better spots!".

So instead of listening to the local that has mastered fishing, you talk to the cap because of his hat.


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