Day 13 Juice Feast! — Fasting

in fasting •  5 months ago

Day 13 Juice feast! Pure, 100% honey dew juice. So Sweet, clean, and hydrating!!


This means that today is the 13th day where I have consumed only juice for 13 days.

Each day, I am doing:

  • 1 gallon of raw, cold-pressed fruits and/or vegetables
  • 2+ liters of distilled water (I’ve had SMART water mostly),
  • at least 5 minutes of light exercise, and sometimes as much as 30 minutes.

Results so far

  • lost 8 pounds of weight.
  • feeling much more relaxed, focused, and energetic.
  • sleeping better.
  • feeling my emotions much clearer.
  • more productive with work!

What if you don’t have a juice machine?

Simply chew the fruits and vegetables, allow your saliva to gently mix with the juice that your teeth “squeeze” out of the food, use your teeth to “hold onto” the pulp, and swallow only the juice! Lastly, spit out the pulp.

So, you see, people have been juicing for over 1000s of years :)

Thank you! :)

It is my wish to serve you with these words.

Some info about me: I've been involved with Bitcoin since 2010. By trade I am an expert on blockchain technology. I am the Project Director for Wall of Coins, and CEO for Genitrust, Inc. I eat primarily fruits and leafy greens ("fruitarian"). This is known as a frugivorous diet, which is the diet by design of the human species and most primates. I don't cook my fruits, so you may also call this "raw vegan". I have eaten virtually every food item and major cultural style on this planet. I have experienced long periods of many different diet regimens: acid/alkaline, ketogenic, vegan, etc. In my spare time as a child, and an adult, I truly relished reading articles, books, and research papers on nutritional observation. I also enjoy and frequently practice long periods of juice fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.

Thank you for reading, upvoting, tipping, and re-steeming!
Robert Genito
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Excellent results and to others in a light and healthy way. It really is very interesting to put all these tips into practice in order to keep our body responding in the best way. Dear friend Robert, it is already a success that you have 13 days, I hope you keep moving forward more. With perseverance and dedication everything can be achieved.


thank you, my friend!


For nothing my dear friend.

Hello and I like many varied juices and have many vitamins and benefits for our health, are necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.This looks very appropriate and moisturizing what I will prepare then I tell you how it went, greetings and a great hug for you.

Hello wonderful day friend for you, thank you for giving us this healthy recipe for our body, something similar I put into practice and I felt much stronger and energized, thanks for this great advice. Happy and blessed day for you.

Hello friend @robertgenito, thank you for these data. It is very important to eat healthy, to prevent the diseases that occult the "not eat healthy" (eat junk food or fast food), the epidemic of the XXI century, obesity, hypertension, diabetes , cancer, etc. To see ourselves well, inside and out, for our mood, it is necessary to Eat Healthy, perhaps the difficult thing is to follow a habit, suddenly we can start, but on the way we leave it aside. That is why it is super important to learn to Eat Healthy, to avoid the risks that comes from not practicing this habit, which influence the Origin and Development of diseases. Thanks for your tips friend.

Great..!! Congratulations thank you for your wonderful advice to lead a healthy life based on exercises and healthy food, a juice as natural as honey and very rich is free of fats, gives the body energy to improve physical performance. In my case I use honey a lot for cough and throat. Honey is fat-free, it provides the body with energy to improve physical performance and its sugar is easily digested hahahaha thanks @robergenito

Hello friend happy, your recommendation is very good. I have done many diets and they have not really trusted me in their recipe and excellent for riddle

Eating healthy as raw foods and doing exercises always go hand in hand for health, these two can bring many benefits, including more energy, happiness and even a longer life. Your advice is wonderful @robertgenito because it helps us maintain our ideal weight. BLESSINGS

Happy day for you friend, thanks for always giving us good tip to improve or maintain our healthy body, Fruit and vegetable juices are characterized by their quick and easy absorption in stomach enzymes and are ideal because they have food, revitalizing, moisturizing effects , energetic, among other contributions, being the best water vehicles for the organism. This one looks wonderful. Blessings to you.

A big greeting I love the juices and more if it allows us to be healthy and energic thousand blessings friend have a wonderful day greetings

hello it's good to see your publications again, always giving us wonderful topics, I think your juice is very appetizing. in my case I love all kinds of juice thanks for your reseta kisses

Hello, what a pleasure to see you here again my friend @robertgenito For me it has always been pleasant to be fed on juices at breakfast can not miss and at lunch, most of the food is fruits and apparently I am not the only one, I see that you also eat raw fruits and vegetables, it really helps me to feel good, but I do not like the idea of ​​losing so much weight Hahahaha but the truth is something very productive, thank you for your post so that many people will realize which it's the real feedout greetings

tnx many many tnx

Hello my friend, Wow I did not believe that someone was able to take only water juices and eat vegetables and less for 13 days, but when I read the results, I suppose you feel very good, I did not know that these things could make you lose so much weight in a short time, is something incredible, sometimes I have trouble sleeping I think this is a great help, and I appreciate it I hope I have a nice day

Great results involved. Very weldone @robertgenito with the fasting. Am greatly inspired and challenged. Am a christian and fasting is a fundamental principle that helps alot on the spiritual life.

J have done juice fastings on several occasions for a few days (maximum 6days). 13days is a remarkable one and a challenge you have put on my table.

Will give it a shot some time.
Thanks for sharing.

hello friend, how are you going, this recipe is very good, in what I have a time I will try it since I would like to improve my performance at work and see if I can sleep a little better since I have not been sleeping for a while as it should be, thank you very much for sharing this publication with us.

Thank you sweet baby Jesus, Robert is back posting. I was about to dm you to try and put your ass in gear. Steem needs you :-) <3

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