Fasting Journal : Stewed Beef

in fasting •  6 months ago

I made this for my final course in the 6 hour window before the 3 day fast. I first browned this beef (grass fed/finished from ButcherBox) in bacon fat, then stewed it three hours in salted water with one of these peppers (Labeled "Dragon Claw cayenne) from my porch, diced up into it.

Then, when the water had cooked out somewhat, I added in homemade pork and chicken bone broth and some other spices (Cumin, black pepper, minced garlic). I melted in some butter and cheese for dairy fats. Then I put in in the bowl to cool a little before adding Nutritional Yeast and some 5 Type collagen I ordered in.

It started out as 2 pounds of meat and made 4 cups of stew.
Probably 75% of my nutrition and calories right there.
Very rich and spicy. It was excellent. I'm stuffed.


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