Fasting Journal : OMAD/Carnivore/EIF

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Today is the first day of Extended Intermittent Fast (EIF) while also on OMAD/Carnivore.

Now personally, I don't like claiming either OMAD or Carnivore just yet. My OMADs have been a little stretched out the last couple of days, and I have only been Carnivore for about a week. But the general range of things is there. Rather than explain things again, this is once and for all. I declare me close enough for Rock and Roll.

That said, today's fast is going really well. I had to go out to the Dr Appointment to review my recent imaging and blood work, and as I reported, everything is fine. The possible cancers (almost certainly cancers) are gone leaving just a few odd looking empty spots that she called scarring. The one largish cyst, which was causing an irritated obstruction and causing me to cough up blood, is much smaller (she tried to tell me that the volume was still high, but I can see that the radius is significantly smaller, and it's the radius that put it into the airway causing the irritation).

All blood work was fine, a1C 5.0, cholesterol high but plenty of good LDLs etc. She did try to slip me a Statin prescription, but I blocked that.

Anyway, my point was supposed to be that having an activity might have helped me get past the slight nervousness about my first fast in a month or so. It's almost 6:PM so I'm close to the 24 hour mark. I'm confident I will be fine for the night, and any time in the middle afternoon tomorrow will be good enough for me. I should get my Butcher Box tomorrow, so when it shows up I will probably break the fast with some bone broth and a nice ribeye. I also have four of those nice fatty pork steaks to slow cook in the oven. I really like those.

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Congrats on the tumor shrinkage! Is this still in the lung or has it spread?

Have you seen Frank Tufano on youtube? While he is pretty freaky, he does an interesting take on carnivore where he is eating nose to tail with a heavy emphasis on organ meats. Carnivore can be an opportunity to increase your nutrition as well as remove sources of inflammation.


So far as I know just in the lung, all in my right lung. But that's why I avoided the biopsy, that's a known cause of spreading cancer around the system. No thanks.

Yeah, FrankieBoy is a little extreme, but he's got the info on nutrients. I've been following him for a while. I don't think most people have to be that concerned, just "eat whole food, mostly meat", but I enjoy learning the details.