Fasting Journal : OMAD/Carnivore Day 2

in fasting •  14 days ago

Went a little better today. At least as far as organization goes. I properly cooked my meal in the right order at the right times and was able to sit down with the whole thing in front of me. Then, of course, I forgot to photograph it until after I had partially eaten it and I think that looks kind of gross.

The real problem was that I couldn't eat it all at once. There are some other habits I need to change, or so it seems. Usually I eat in front of the computer, and I read Gab, watch videos, play Civ V, write stuff for other forums, play my ukulele, get up to do other things, all while eating. I know that's bad, but sitting at another table to eat a whole meal is something from my distant past.

I kept getting up and walking away from it.

I guess it will take a while for me to get my attention span back or whatever that is that allows people to sit and do one thing for 30-45 minutes at a time. Heck, I'm practicing coin magic while composing this. I always say I have to do something to distract part of my mind, or I can't concentrate on the thing I need to do. If I'm not doing something a little taxing, like solving a Rubik's cube or memorizing things on Quizlet, I get lost in my internal life and might sit there for minutes at a time doing nothing.

So anyway, it took me two hours to eat my meal. I think. By the time I was finished and cleaned up and back at the computer it was almost three hours. I don't think that counts as OMAD.

Not that I worry, it's only day two. I expected at least a week of adaptation to OMAD and about the same to switch over to Carnivore. But the whole reason for this journal is to I can look back and see the progress. So I bring this stuff up. Sorry.

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