Fasting Journal : OMAD/Carnivore Day 12

in fasting •  3 months ago  (edited)

Well, first the good news.

My imaging shows a complete remission of the four most questionable nodules and a slight reduction in the one we thought was a benign cyst. She just sent me a email saying that they were just no longer there. There is some sign of scarring in my lungs, but no significant tumors.

Since I had no medical treatment other than fasting and keto, obviously it was unexplainable to her.

I will have to have a follow-up imaging, but I don't imagine anything will grow without sugars to feed it.

Today's OMAD was from 4-5:PM and worked out a lot better for me, although I am still feeling the urge to snack on something spicy and vinegary. I suspect that will be with me a while, or may not go away. I might really need those flavors and chemicals.

The last Pork Steak, 4 eggs, bacon, bone broth, unflavored kefir, and black coffee.


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For whatever reason in some of your previous images (possibly I was looking on Partiko which has some awkward crops) I have had moments where I was wondering if you were making coffee with bone broth so I'm kind of relieved to see them both in the pic here XD

Yay for medically inexplicable recoveries!


I do often mix my coffee into my bone broth. It's great. Like Bulletproof but more like Grenade launcher proof.