Fasting Journal : Feasting day 2

in fasting •  6 months ago

I almost forgot to write this. But it's been an odd day for me.

It started with me sleeping in an additional 6 hours. A total of 12 hours of sleep. It felt good, but it offset my whole day.

Then I just forgot to eat.

I wasn't hungry, and I've been not eating a lot of days recently, so I just didn't eat. It was about 6:PM before I remembered I was supposed to be feasting. So I had breakfast.
Three half slices of bacon and two eggs fried over easy in the bacon fat. I followed that with a "fat bomb" of coconut milk unsweetened custard with a little melted cacao on top.
Then I had another huge salad, with a whole avocado, red sauerkraut, a lot of my fermented peppers, and the rest of the salmon I had mixed with my homemade mayo.
I also had some of the butter fried chicken thighs that I failed to take a photo of, but they were nice too.

Suddenly, it was now, and I should be in bed but instead I am posting this. Go figure.

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So you're slightly out of whack after epic sleep then XD

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Fortunately, I'm retired, so I can just enjoy the disorientation.