Fasting Journal : EIF Week 01 Wednesday Feast

in fasting •  last month

Well, once again I did not quite make OMAD. I was SOOooo close, then fell asleep in my chair. Slept for 4 hours.

Well, I needed the sleep, I've only been getting 3-5 hours a night for several weeks now. But it was right in the middle of my eating window.

I waited until I was pretty sure my Butcher box wasn't coming after all, then made Eggs and Bacon, my bone broth drink, and one of those nice pork steaks. I left the steak in the pan and started with the eggs, then sat down for "just a second" and literally was unconscious until about half an hour ago.

So I warmed up the steak, made my kefir and a second cup of coffee, and now I have to wonder if I will sleep at all tonight.

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  1. I've been adding glycine to my bone broth (aids with cartilage production). Tastes sweet with bad aftertaste so don't overdo it unless you don't mind choking down sweet broth.

  2. I've been attempting to get my sleep optimized in a big variety of ways. I've only done it one night so far, but mouth taping looks like a prime candidate for best intervention based on preliminary reports. Optimizing sleep could be the missing piece of the puzzle for your body healing itself.

  3. Do you supplement with omega 3/DHAs?


I do supplement for Omega3s, although for the carnivore period I have stopped taking my flax seed oil. I have been using Krill oil and recently tried fish eggs.

I've been tracking my sleep using "Sleep" for android, and once I actually get to sleep I do sleep fairly well - no snoring or apnea, no interruptions. But getting to sleep is a huge problem. PTSD symptoms that strike as soon as I start to drift off. Tried various herbs and melatonin, haven't found the answer yet. My Dr wants to put me on an SSRI but I'm not going to do that.