Fasting Journal : Feasting Day 3

in fasting •  6 months ago

My meals were quite tasty today, but completely boring for anyone else. Only the Ribeye steak I had for second course was very interesting.

I might have to stop claiming OMAD, even thought I think I probably understand and adhere to the principle behind it that makes it work. Yes, strictly eating one plateful of food per day will help you lose weight. But to heal your insulin sensitivity so that weight is not an issue, you need to get as much nutrition per calorie as you can, while producing as few insulin spikes as possible.

I did my shopping first today, then started my feast with some eggs and bacon. I followed that with a ribeye cooked medium rare in bacon fat. That was a full hours and a half of eating so I took a break and visited with some friends for an hour. The point to watch here is that my meal almost certainly did not spike insulin. There may have been some slow rise, but not like a carb spike would be. Also I was probably smack in the middle of that rise when I ate my actual carbs for the day, a full pound of salad with avocado and olives. Complex carbs with monounsaturated fats. There may have been a spike there, if my insulin sensitivity is not yet improved.

So altogether 3 hours, two main courses. I did have some sunflower seeds (Vitamin E complex FTW!) in there, just before my salad, but two main meals. So really just 21/3 IF with two meals a day. I'm OK with that.

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