Saudi Arabia will organize 'fashion show'

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#SaudiArabia is going to organize the first 'Arab Fashion Week' The 'Fashion Week' will be held in Riyadh from 26 to 31 March. Dubai-based Arab Fashion Council said on their website on Monday.  @robertlen 

The Arab $Fashion Council said that the first 'Fashion Week' will be held at Apex Center in Riyadh from 26 to 31 March. Their second edition will be held in Riyadh in October. @robertlen 

It is known that the first 'Arab Fashion Week' will be similar to the world-class event. It is believed that Saudi Arabia will open the doors of economic sectors, including tourism, travel and trade. @robertlen 

In context, Prince Yuvraj has taken a number of groundbreaking steps to empower women in Saudi Arabia. Among them, women have the right to drive, there are things like business management without the permission of the guardian. The latest edition of the 'Fashion Week' arrangement under the leadership of Saudi King Yuvraj is going on. @robertlen 

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