Heart Shaped Glasses, Window Tights, and other Fashion Mysteries

in fashion •  5 months ago


Why would a man wear pink heart-shaped sunglasses?

Maybe he wanted to impress the sweet ladies at the Cookie Monstah food truck.


Why do tights have windows in them, all of a sudden?

They are already exactly the shape of your legs, and fanny, and ass. It's currently the closest you can come to legally going outside naked from the waist down. Do we need to be reminded that there is human skin under there, as well?


I see these window tights popping up all the time, now.


Why would a short skirt be made of Naugahyde?

The concept seems to be - cover as small a part of the body as possible, and keep it as hot as possible. It'll all balance out.


And the oldest mystery of all:

Why do men wear baseball caps when they're not playing baseball?

Is it because they're daywalking vampires, and they need to keep the sun out of their eyes as they contemplate their next meal?

Must... not... bite... neck...

It may sound like I'm making fun, but I do love the variety of outfits that I get to see on my walks around the city. It's certainly more fun than living in some buttoned-down regime where religion or the state tells you just how you're permitted to look in public.


I'm glad we're allowed to dress for comfort, or to please ourselves, or to attract others and feel attractive. For me, that means a button-down shirt and a tie, and a jacket once Fall gets here.

For you, it might mean window tights or short skirts or a burka.

It's all good. I'll still be walking around the city like this.


Just stop wearing baseball caps, man. They make you look like a child.



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Hey hey hey take it easy on the ball caps. He he he I wear one all the time. Kind of like a person who has always worn a watch, when they forget it, they feel naked. Well that’s how I feel without my baseball cap. Lol
Plus what if your balding?? It can protect from a nasty headburn. Lol

I have a feeling the guy in the heart shaped glasses might be a little light in the loafers!

That naughahyde skirt is perfect!

The pic of the trash bag convention is great!

What I want to know about the baseball cap photo is what is that girl looking up at???

Bwaahhahahaaa your people watching series never fails to crack me up~ PS: The window spandex trend hasn't started here yet, I'll keep my eyes out though lololol


I'm glad I can warn you of upcoming trends before they reach your hallowed shores!

Come on, ball caps are purpose oriented to keep the sun off your eyes and face, besides how else would one show their political/sports affiliations. Fedoras on the other hand...


Hey, I have no objection to baseball caps being worn on the ball field. They keep the sun out of your eyes and make sure you don't throw the ball to the wrong person, and fedoras are impractical.

But if you're not playing, what's the point? It's not like we carry video game controllers around with us when we leave the house.

Fedoras convey a dignity, gravitas, and respect - both when worn with well-tended clothes and when taken off as one enters a building. But I agree that, in the wrong hands, they border on hipsterism.

Ha, I love the glasses guy, looks like he's walking with a purpose - gotta respect that in a man ;) I hate people with caps of any kind.


Don't hate the people, @honeydue - hate their choices. It's not their fault they don't know any better.

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