DIY Makeover time - From messy to classy :D

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Every single time when I have a chance to dress up as a girlie girl, there I am, instantly flying across the bedroom, hanging around all of my favourite dresses (which are more-less floral) and then playing dress up for as long as it takes. Floral dresses are my thing. (& messy room too)

Oh and the shoes! There is a special love hate relationship with them. <3
I can agree with my friends about my obsession with ugly shoes. I just love them. In my eyes they are extraordinary lovely.

Let's get back to this DIY makeover thing.

My bae @redrumtom and I were invited to our friends wedding which was 6 hours away (by car). My hair was a disaster, I didn't know any hairdresser in their city so I've decided to do everything on my own. My skills are pretty much "awesome" when I am stressed out so I was extremely lucky that everything went as planned (haha) :'D


What the heck is that thing on my head?! :'D


So, the first thing I did was straighten my whole hair, divide it in the middle of my head and then combing it up in a ponytail. I was using hairspray the whole time to fixate it.


About make up. Keeping it simple. Light and pinkish with a little bit of golden eyeshadow.


Time for dressing up while putting some lipstick on! :D


Aaaand here are we, ready to party! :D


Tell me what you think ;)

Love, S.

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It's no secret I'm your number one fan. After Tome, that is. Love it. So simple. That's why I miss long hair.

You look gorgeous 💗 I love that you guys take silly photos! Your dress is so pretty with the strap detail too.

Thank you so much! :) Both dress and shoes are from Asos :)))

Hahah you made me laugh with this "obsession with ugly shoes" 😂 I like these ones on the picture tho 😀 I literally could feel your stess, that's soooo familiar to me haha Absolutely like how you made your look. Simple and nice. You look stunning! Both of you 🤗