Batik has become the identity of the pride of Indonesia

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History of Batik

The history of batik in Indonesia is closely related to the development of the Majapahit Kingdom and the spread of the teachings of Islam on the island of Java many years ago. The art of batik has been carried out since the days of the Mataram Sultanate and continues and spreads to almost the entire archipelago.

Batik technique itself actually does not originate from Indonesia, this technique has been known more than 1,000 years ago. Taknik batik painted was first known in the ancient Egyptians or Sumerians. But when this technique entered the territory of Indonesia, ancient Indonesian people began to make distinctive patterns that reflect the typical of the royal territory they occupy.

Initially the history of batik only became a culture for the royal family in Indonesia. Clothing that uses limited batik motifs can only be used in the palace and batik is produced only for the clothes of the king and the royal family and respectable dignitaries. But because a lot of dignitaries live outside the palace area, so finally this batik art begins to be followed by ordinary people and is produced locally in their respective places with distinctive features of each region of the archipelago.

Current Batik

At present batik itself has become official clothing and everyday clothes worn by all Indonesian people. Batik is usually worn during national events such as during the election of leaders, inauguration of officials, celebrations of Indonesian independence and much more. In the community itself batik is also commonly worn for official office events or weddings.

Batik cloth has transformed into many beautiful clothing models, ranging from shirts, blouses, dresses to even elegant and majestic dresses. Many well-known designers fall in love with batik cloth because of the unique motives found only in batik cloth.

Batik nowadays is not only used in clothing, there are many batik motifs that are used as souvenirs in a growing form. As for paintings, women's accesoris, shoes, wallets, and much more. Besides that, batik itself is also widely used for casual everyday wear because of the comfortable type of fabric. Like being made pajamas or negligees that are beautiful and comfortable.

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