How to make waves easy! Crimper vs. Hair iron

in fashion •  2 years ago 

There is no style that I love more in my hair than the waves, if I have it long or short the waves will always be part of me, and although I do not ALWAYS because I would be bald, I like to walk with waves whenever I can and for that I bring Several tricks.

Throughout my life I have seen a lot of dubious tactics to make waves and I do not know, I would not try any, much less those that have to do with doing anything with your hair being wet ok, the idea is not to destroy us The hair.

And although the curler and the iron is not that do much good to the hair, with a control nothing happens, I also bring a technique that needs nothing more than a tail and time.

This is as simple as making a braid not too tight with DRY hair and leave it a few hours, I think preferably all night to be well marked the waves and ready, also if you want waves much faster you could pass your iron Hair a few times by the braid, although this technique I do not love too much, can be used for when you need to fix your hair in a few minutes.

Now, normally when you want to make onditas you think of using a thin iron or obviously a curling iron, although I have seen that a lot of people prefer an iron because they can give more uses, I really do not know, and that is why I wanted to compare them using in One side the iron and the other the curler and thus compare results.

I start with the side of the curler making waves for the same side (turning to the right to make the curve out), for some reason it makes me more comfortable to place the curler down as you can see, but I think that's a question Of how everyone is comfortable, it is also considered that the more laps of the strand, the more waves will be made, and the smaller the strand the more the waves will be marked, so I preferred to pick up large strands and give them few turns to That looks more natural

When I finish with all the side and I fix the little keys that did not take much, I do not comb the hair, since this one is still hot and everything will be lost, so I leave it like this and when it is cold I will make a cebollita with the whole side. (If I remember how to make one?)


Then with the iron, I have to admit that I mess up too ok, with all that I've tried it has happened to me, maybe it's my thing, but I start with the same technique as the other side, only now I turn the strands To the right so that the curve lies back. (You can see that it is a disaster but I try)

Here we see that also they also leave waves but much softer and that to my opinion did not last much, but for something casual they are well

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