Forest Fantasy Headpieces

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When spring and summer roll around I get a lot of requests for nature inspired headpieces. Last season floral was very popular, but this season I am getting a lot requests for forest headpieces. The most exciting part about a custom order is helping an idea come to life. So far I have completed 2 of 4 customs orders for forest headpieces.

When people come to me they usually just throw a bunch of words at me and hope that I can make something of it. Here are just a few of the words I was given by my clients. (I am aware that some of theses words are not grammatically correct):

Roaming forest creature
Pan-like forest nymph
Mossy gelfling

Soooo I did my best to take these words and give my clients what they were looking for. I still have two more to complete.

The first one I did is a two part crown that can be converted into two looks. I did not make the deer mask. I found it at a thrift store. I did paint and embellish it.

Here is the second look:


This is the second headpiece I made for a client who wanted it for a look she was putting together for her local Renaissance Festival: 20180504_213546.jpg


Also I wanted to share this before and after of the paint job I did for the horns. This was before I trimmed the seams


Thank you for letting me share!


Why did this get so little visibility and votes? I loved this! Hoping you share more of these creations and you adorning them in your photography shots. I caught the photography of you from @Kommienezuspadt and became an insta-fan. I only had a moment to visit your blog properly now. When I have a moment, I’m going to show this to my 8 y.o daughters. We can go on a scavenger hunt and they can make their inspired head pieces! 💚

I’ll be back to upvote your current post when I recharge my micro-power but also once my free bot votes reset. ;)

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