Fashion Friday #1- Chic Workwear

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This look exudes elegance and sophistication, whilst being appropriate for work.

I paired the black military style blazer with tailored mustard trousers. I haven't included a top in this particular look, simply because it is so versatile; any design/colour would work. A chunky statement necklace could elevate this outfit into refined evening-wear. However, because this attire is specifically for work, plain diamante studs would be perfect. The white purse contrasts beautifully against the black of the blazer to create an almost 'monochromatic understated-ness' , which I love. This similar effect is created with the shoes, which are simple, but, complete the entire look spectacularly.


  • Wool Double-breasted Blazer by Pierre Balmain
  • Mustard Slacks by Stella McCartney
  • Lucy 100 White Heels by Jimmy Choo
  • Drew Mini Leather Cross-body Bag by Chloé

Image created using Polyvore


could be nice to see someone wearing it as a reference, because it is hard to imagine it all together

Thank you for your advice skybreaker, I really appreciate it :) At the moment I am just collating various items of clothing into a new and original 'look' that suits a particular occasion/setting; so I don't have a picture of a model wearing this exact outfit. Would an image of someone wearing a similar outfit, from which I have taken 'inspiration', be useful in visualising the look- though admittedly it may not entirely resemble the outfit that I have created?

I love it, it's a superinspiring concept. But could you find some affordable items that are similar to this one? It would be great idea for a new post :)

Thanks so much, it is lovely to hear that you like it :) I love your idea- doing a more affordable 'dupe' as a new post sounds fab! I will definitely consider implementing this into future 'Fashion Fridays'. Thanks once again I always appreciate feedback; there is definitely a lot of scope for improving this concept.

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