Father-daugher twinning

in #fashion6 years ago (edited)

I am a huge fan of matching parent and child fashion,today i will share adorable father -daughter twinning picture.

Father -daughter twinning African print

Father-daughter twinning military outfit

Father-daughter twinning black suit

All pictures a from nelago minds's account



How cute they're Thanks for sharing dear friend.

Thank you @babyino for visiting my page i will follow you and always upvote your blog

@ndapewa nice
Especially You!
Upvoted you all posts ! Followed u
Hope the same from You

Thank you for visiting my page @junaidkhawaja,i will forever be your follower 😂😂😂

Most Welcome! @ndpewa
and Thank YOU sooo much
God Bless u

God will bless us me and you @junaidkhawaja to get 100 voteup forever 😂😂😂.lets keep voteup each other ,together we will win.

i do my work now its your trun

Thank you very much

I loved, a beautiful relationship father and daughter. <3 nice outfit

Thank very much avalon20

this is too much cute i just can said: kawaii...

Nice collection. Father and daughter relationship: its worth having.

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