I don't mean to sound rude in any way nor do I aim any direct promotion towards you in a bad way, but I do feel that this pic should be considered to be taken down! Innocent as it may be, the admiration of children (little girls especially) wearing provocative attire should not be a trending topic or looked at in a positive manner, we as a society have lost our minds thinking it's ok for this to happen and in a case where you are using it on a monetized platform you are simply pimping this child out in a sense!

What ever happened to safeguarding our children and holding a moral value where kids were not the victim to a predatorial society...

It hurts my heart thinking of the innocent children everyday that without knowing are preyed upon... I apologize if it may seem that I'm over reacting to some readers and @nairo.martinez I hope you understand I'm not criticizing you directly but rather trying to open your mind to sensitivity of the matter... I did down vote the post but for the simple fact I can't participate in a way where it glorifies the provacitiveness of a child no matter innocently or not!

Please comment back if you feel you have anything to share with me as I'm open minded and easy to talk with and believe the better way to better world is open debate in a civil manner and I accept and promote all forms of "constructive criticizm" where one may better him/herself from cause the only way to make a difference in life is engaging with others in a positive respect...

So sorry for rambling on please leg me know how you feel or anyone else for that matter

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Greetings. for the comment it seemed pertinent to change the photo, and I put this new one, to my thinking with all respect who has bad thoughts or morbid to see a girl showing her shoulders should be admitted before it causes harm to a child, I speak for myself, In my head I see my very beautiful niece, I do not see her provocative, she would have to be sick to have that kind of thoughts. thank you very much for the comment I hope not to cause trouble.

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aww is very tender

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