Fantastic shoes

in fashion •  2 years ago 

Footwear and gloves. It is things on which I pay big attention than than on hats or clothes.

Of course, if the whole suit is ideally out, and the person looks perfect, then this is the highest aerobatics. But it takes a lot of time and requires appropriate funds.

If there is an unassuming dress, and to him there are expensive high-quality shoes, then this dress will not look so modest.

My post today is about shoes. About funny shoes. Suggests these models of Alibaba. Recently I looked and I was amazed at the fancy fantasies of shoes designers.

I really liked this model.

And this model is not on Ali Express, a photo from the Internet.

Fashion trends in the summer of 2018. Look at him and remembered the story of Cinderella. Did you know that in the original version of the fairy tale Cinderella was presented not with crystal slippers, but with fur flip flops! In the end, imagine, the girl always went in wooden shoe, and her legs had to be damage and tired!

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