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And not only. In this post I want open series of notes about fashion, style and clothes.

Before New Year my aunt was ill. Everything all right, my aunt walk , sometimes even one, but now it's not about health.

Now I'm talking about home clothes. The fact is that when the doctor came, the aunt had an old-fashioned T-shirt and cotton trousers.

Trousers are pretty decent, and on a T-shirt from old age, just looped rows are exfoliated. Clothes are not from lack of money. Simply: "who sees you at home?", "my most beloved, soft", etc. Then they remembered old instructions about hair curlers and gowns, from which the husband in horror.

However, the robes and the t-shirts are very different.

Home clothes allow you to relax, throw out of your head worries, but this can lead to a breakdown in the observance of various diets: freely sitting clothes can play a cruel joke: as if I were so slim, I will take a small slice.

Perhaps because I live in Siberia, home clothes are needed very different. And soft velvet pajamas, and T-shirts on thin braces with shorts made of thin, thin cotton, and gowns! As without them!

For example, like this: (it's the extra piece in his mouth he will not come back!)

In such a dressing gown is not ashamed to meet guests.

By the way, Christopher Hargadon, a costume designer, created these masterpieces.

But the aprons in my house will not be exactly. I can't stand the spirit.

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