TheWorkingBeauty - New York Fashion Week NYFW FW18 - Kensey Jean

in fashion •  8 months ago

Its always great running into people unexpectedly. I met #TheWorkingBeauty 1.5 years ago at a #FashionWeek networking event in 2016. A cool thing about her is that she is a #thrift expert and wardrobe stylist primarily working with thrifted #fashion for her clients. Her mission is to make everyone look and feel their best - and awaken a new found confidence in her clients fashion sense. I think for this season she actually challenged herself to thrift days before #NYFW and create a stunning new-to-her outfit(which she did amazingly!) She's also quite smart 😂! You can find her on Instagram @theworkingbeauty.




Photography by 켄지진 #KenseyJean 2018. All rights reserved.

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