One of my prom dress designs for my client

in #fashion3 years ago

Woow! Love the color and the design!

great design and choice of color too! i've always wanted to be a fashion designer but never had a chance to practice hehe

It's beautiful.

Quite amazed by your work! Also the girl in the drawing looks pretty badass as well, your client will needless to say look amazing at the prom 😉

Beautiful artwork! Just for proms? I think I would wear them while attending any of my friend's wedding!

So pretty!! I really like the blue, and flow of the dress ❤

wow very beautiful design and color

The color is amazing (and not just because it's my favorite - LOL), and the details are exquisite! Beautifully done, @jealousyjane!

This is really lovely work. You should consider tagging it for the saturdayindigo colorchallenge - I'm sure you have more for the other daily color themes as well :)

People look in those daily color tags and will find you.

Coming to you from Twitter and the steemitbloogers tweet for you.

Ooo, how beautiful! I hope you'll post pics of the final result!

It’s beautiful!!! Stunning!

Pretty designs, looks so elegant. Perfect wedding dress😁

Beautifully done as always! Keep up the great work!

really beautiful design

I love fashion. Lovely dress

Very creative and original!

Namaste. JaiChai