Fashion Designer Reveals Sketch Process for Client

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Fashion Designer Reveals All- Sketch Process for Client
By JealousyJane
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I have a new client I am designing a post-Victorian-esque gown for. I wanted to share the process we go through to get to the final design. How do we narrow down the ideas dancing around in her head and turn them into a tangible sketch I can turn into a reality? How do I meet the needs of my custom design clients? How do I handle long distance consultations? I am going to give you a glimpse into how I do some of these things.

First, when a client contacts me either via google, or word of mouth or social media, etc., I narrow down what services they are looking for. Then, I send them links to any helpful information on my website. This is where streamlining my process has been so beneficial. This saves me so much time when I only need to give the client introductory information, let them read and that will stimulate a dialogue about what they want, i.e. how I can best meet their needs if the criteria are right such as deadline and budget. For this particular client, she was interested in my fashion design services so I sent her to that area of my website:


From there, I had her fill out the "Couture Welcome Form" that I have generated. This is where I begin the formal process for a quote or consultation. This helps me know things like I mentioned previously so I know if I can meet the needs of the client in a time-frame they need and in a budget they can afford. If they do not know what they want specifically, they can tell me more and also they can email me reference images for things that they like.

Screenshot 2018-01-20 21.55.45.jpg

Next, we bounce ideas and photos back and forth and I take detailed notes on things like fabric. movement needs. deadline. occasion. like and dislikes. This can go on for a day or a week. Sometimes longer. Once I have gathered enough information, I break away and begin to sketch.

I start with a blank body template of my choice.

Then I sketch lightly with a pencil and play with the design until I think I have something the client is likely to approve. Something that meets the details and will also flatter their body type.
Colored pencils layer
Markers layers

Full length sketch including client's name for personalization. Let them know you have done this JUST for them.
Add reference photos of fabrics to the sketch via photoshop.
Send it off to your client with your quote and hope for the best.
Happy Designing, Fellow Creatives.

This is my version of " Adult Coloring"

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This is so cool how it all comes together at the end. Love that choice in a choker necklace. You have a great eye, and sense of fashion, from a gardening lady who lives in jeans and sweatpants, no sense of fashion what so ever, so I really do appreciate people like you. Good luck on your journey #steemitbloggers

thanks! Im actually a flip flop or barefoot sundress loving gardener who lives in black leggings in winter. lol.

Good job !! I like it respect u !! Upvoted u!!!

Professional at work