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“AI scientists tried to program computers to act like humans without first understanding what intelligence is and what it means to understand. They left out the most important part of building intelligent machines, the intelligence … before we attempt to build intelligent machines we have to first understand how the brain thinks, and there is nothing artificial about that.” Jeff Hawkins
Glitter is part of a biodegradable collection from @itsinyourdreams

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When robots and people merge


Amazing Photo! :))


thank you

I hadn't even reach the quote yet, just saw the image and was like - "That AI fashion life tho."

More evidence of how badly I need these glitters in my life!


hahaha glad you like it, you can get the glitters at
in your dreams website I am sure they ship worldwide where are you based? x


I'm based in NYC! I'll have to look into their shipping options :)

unique and i like



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