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this post is to improve your knowledge on threads ….

Yes threads, so colourful and vibrant, they play an important role in apparel industry, in fact they are the building blocks for an apparel.

Sewing Threads

Sewing threads are special kinds of yarns. They are engineered and designed
• To pass through a sewing machine rapidly
• To form a stitch efficiently
• To function while in a sewn product without breaking or becoming distorted for at least the useful life of the product.

this video will improve your knowledge on how lock stitch mechanism works

Various types of threads and their uses

•Cotton ,Polyester ,Nylon ,Rayon are the fibers which are commonly used.
Silk thread is used mainly for hand-sewn buttonholes and pick stitching on tailored jackets.

Linen thread is used for heavy-duty uses such as shoe construction.

Cotton thread is mainly used for all cotton garments

•Synthetic and thermoplastic fibers like nylon and polyester are the strong threads ,so they are taken as a general purpose thread.

Thread Structure

The type of yarn structures used in producing sewing thread are
• Spun yarns
• Filament
• Core spun
• Air entangled


It is the number of turns per centimeter of thread.
If twist is too low ,threads may fray and break.
If it’s too high ,thread becomes “lively” which results in looping or knots and that will not allow the stitch formation


•Single strands of yarn are plied or twisted together to form a yarn or thread.
•Two-ply threads may be used for fine, delicate fabrics.
•Three-ply threads provide greater strength for seams.
•Four-ply thread may be used for more durable construction.

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