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Good day steemians hope you had a perfect weekend. Here is another cashmere 180's material fabric-extra fine ash in colour with white stripes on it. This material is very durable and can last you for a very long time without diminishing . It can be used to make suit wears and some other native attires like a type of cloth generally known in this part of the world as "senator". The reason for the name "senator" was gotten from public office holders(like senators, ministers, governors etc) in government as they are fond of putting these wears during a gatherings, meetings, and government house. It is called senator by most of the fashion designers based in abia state.

In abia state, aba precisely that's the place where you can get different kinds of fashion wears like (SENATOR, ETIBOR, TROPICAL, JONATHAN, AGBADA, DANSHIKI, SENATOR SUIT, ETC.)
All this mentioned above👆 here are all traditional attires. And am still gonna show you guys the pictures of all of them up there in the future, so just stay tuned for more updates....Thank You.

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